Palestinian Peoples PartyThe Palestinian People’s Party strongly condemned the leader of the German parliamentary faction DIE LINKE (The Left party), Dietmar Bartsch, for planting trees in an Israeli settlement near the Gaza Strip during his visit to Israel. A statement issued by the Palestinian People’s Party on Tuesday morning said:

The Palestinian People’s Party (PPP) strongly condemns the visit made by the leader of the German parliamentary faction DIE LINKE (The Left party), Dietmar Bartsch, to one of the settlements near the Gaza Strip, where he planted trees and expressed his solidarity during his visit to Israel. The visit was within the cooperation with the Zionist organization “Kern Kiemet”, known for its great responsibility for the policy of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians, and their force acts on expelling the Palestinians from their lands, homes, villages and cities.

The Palestinian People’s Party considers this visit and the resulting statements, that coincides with the commemoration of the Nakba “Catastrophe” of our people, the continuous occupation of our territory, the destruction of all our infrastructure, and our force displacement by the Zionist gangs and their colonial state within the context of the occupation power and its fascist and racist practices against the rights and the just struggle of the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian People’s Party, while stressing the necessity of stripping all the parties and institutions that disregard the crimes of Israel and the suffering of our people, demands from all the political forces, institutions and popular unions and the presidency of the “Left party” in Germany to apologize to our people for the visit and participation of the head of its parliamentary faction in such activity that supports the occupation state, and to undertake immediate action to dismiss him from all his positions.

Source: Palestinian People’s Party via Solidnet / RedGlobe