The World Federation of Trade Unions representing 92 million workers in the 5 continents, strongly condemns the insulting wage offers by the gold producers in South Africa.

Only one day after the “proposal” of the employers, more than 600 miners were rescued after an underground fire at Gold One’s Modder East operations in Springs, east of Johannesburg. This “accident” took place hardly two weeks after six workers horribly died when a fire broke out underground at a Palabora Mining Company mineshaft in Limpopo.

The capitalists are ready to sacrifice anything for their profits. The workers for them are only “production cost” that they are trying to reduce it by firing people, reducing health and safety measures, cutting down wages and exploiting the workers and the natural riches of Africa.

This situation can be changed only through the decisive, conscious and class oriented struggles of the trade union movement for the satisfaction of the contemporary needs of the working class.
The NUM and its members demand R9.500 for surface workers, R10.500 for underground workers and 15% for miners, artisans and officials in the gold industries.

We call the workers of the sector to be on guard under the guidance of NUM and all the class oriented trade unions of South Africa to fight for their rights in work and life, for adequate salaries, social security, trade union freedoms, health and safety measures.

The WFTU affirms that always will support with all its forces the struggling workers all over the world for dignified work with rights.

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions