On Monday July 2nd the company RIVULIS – EURODRIP (which is Israel-owned) laid off two workers, members of the newly founded Union, just 3 days before of the Union elections.

Both workers were members of the newly founded Union, and the one was also a candidate for the Union elections. The reason for the layoffs was that the company wanted to block the Union presence in the workplace and to intimidate the workers before the elections.

On Thursday, July 4th the Union, with the support and solidarity from many unions and workers of the region held their elections with massive numbers and demanded the cancelation of the layoffs. The laid off worker, who was candidate in the elections was elected on the Union board.

On Friday, July 5th, a delegation of the Company Union, of PAME, and of the Regional Trade Unions, met with the Managers of the Company and demanded the cancelation of the layoffs.

The Managers tried to put on a “humane face” claiming that in the company they are all a big family. The company was adamant in its position for the layoff of the 2 workers. The Union delegation condemned the anti-union tactics of the company. The work conditions inside RIVULIS – EURODRIP are characterized by the lack of Health and Safety Measures, resulting in frequent work accidents. At the same time there is high intensity and pressure in the work, no break time for the workers.

But, the company has an ally in the SYRIZA-ANEL government, which supports the “Growth” for the investors with such or similar conditions in the workplaces. At the same time the signatures are still fresh from their agreements in economic, military and political level with the State of Israel and its capitalists.

PAME expresses its solidarity with the workers of RIVULIS – EURODRIP. We urge them to continue with even greater determination the struggle for their own lives. To massify their union as a prerequisite for demanding human work conditions, but also increases in wages, all their rights.

We demand:

  • Cancelation of the intimidating layoffs

  • Immediate Health and Safety measures

  • Increases in wages and wages.

We call on the unions to express their solidarity with the workers of RIVULIS – EURODRIP


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)