The class-oriented trade union movement welcomes the anti-imperialist demonstrations and activities that took place the last period from workers and students denouncing the US-Philippines military exercises and defense agreements. Such agreements have nothing to do with the real interests and needs of the popular strata and people of Philippines as well as the peoples of South East Asia.

We denounce the military interventions of NATO and imperialist states that cause the death and chaos, implementing the bloody geostrategic plans of the bourgeoisie. The WFTU strongly believe the people of each country is the only responsible to decide the present and the future of its self without foreign involvement and intervention.

The WFTU and its more than 92 million workers stand with the side of the popular strata of Philippine against the presence of the US troops in their country. We support the fair demands of the working class of Philippines, fighting for the restoration of peace and for a society in which the whole of the recourses and workers’ production of a country to be spending for the contemporary needs of the country’s people.

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions