March of the red caps, full adhesion to the strike of the USB laborers.

The agricultural workers of Foggia joined the strike proclaimed by the USB after the two massacres of labourers, which claimed 16 lives in 48
hours. No one is at work in the fields around the ghetto of Rignano, in the town of San Severo, the heart of the protest, from where at 8 am the march of red berets headed to the prefecture of Foggia.

Hundreds of workers paraded with the same hats worn by the victims, caps distributed weeks ago by USB to help the labourers protect themselves from the sunshine of the countryside and ideally from exploitation and lack of rights, in a process of organizing that is advancing at great pace. The workers on the march were joined by the governor of Puglia Michele Emiliano.

The claims are the same as those already made by USB a month ago to the Minister of Labour, who accepted the requests promising an interministerial table on the sector, but has never seen the light. USB is therefore once again calling for security, rights and dignity for all
agricultural workers, no matter where they come from.

The labourers have instead rediscovered the right practice, which should not apply only to them: in front of the master you do not take off your hat.



World Federation of Trade Unions