‘Operation Stop Corbyn’ has gone up a gear as the prospect of a left-led Labour government gets nearer, according to Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths.

He told his party’s Political Committee on Wednesday evening (August 15) that British ruling class circles were determined to prevent the election of a socialist Prime Minister who has a long record of opposing austerity, privatisation, nuclear weapons and imperialist war.

‘Their most valuable allies in “Operation Stop Corbyn” are an organised faction of anti-socialist, pro-EU, pro-NATO Labour MPs who are determined to sabotage Brexit and the election of Jeremy Corbyn to Ten Downing Street’, Mr Griffiths charged.

The Communist Party leader pointed to recent reports in the Times, Guardian and Financial Times indicating that Britain’s Tory government, business leaders and EU officials want any future Corbyn-led government to be constrained by EU single market and customs union rules.

‘They understand better than some trade union leaders and sections of the left that Labour policies to promote industry, invest in infrastructure, renationalise energy and the railways, revive regional development policies, regulate the labour market and reform VAT would cut right across EU treaties, rules, directives and EU Court of Justice rulings’, Mr Griffiths declared.

He said that this explained why British and EU negotiators have moved closer to agreement on exit issues such as City of London access to EU financial markets and ‘backstop’ arrangements to retain Northern Ireland within the framework of the EU single market.

‘Both sides would prefer a bogus big business Brexit rather than a real Brexit that would allow a left-led Labour government freedom to pursue its policies without EU obstruction at every turn’, the CP general secretary concluded, ‘although their first choice would be another referendum in the hope that their scare stories and lies might work better the second time around’.

The Communist Party political committee condemned the ‘vile smears’ of anti-semitism as another aspect of ‘Operation Stop Corbyn’, noting that Margaret Hodge had been the first Labour MP to step forward as a challenger to Corbyn when the Labour leader called for the EU referendum result to be honoured the day after the poll.

Britain’s Communists also agreed at their meeting in London to:

  • Welcome Wednesday’s ‘Day of Action’ by rail union RMT against ‘extortionate’ fare rises.
  • Congratulate the selection of Communist Party of Brazil member of parliament Manuela d’Avila as vice-presidential candidate alongside Workers’ Party presidential candidate Fernando Haddad if former president Lula is disqualified.
  • Organise a central CP school for new and prospective members on October 27 in the light of a 6% rise in membership so far this year.


Communist Party of Britain