friedenstaubeThe World Peace Council condemns in the most vehement way the attempt for assasination of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, which constitutes a coward act of the forces which are trying since some time to destabilize the country ,its economy and elected government. The WPC denounces to the peace loving people of the world the foreign interference and the sponsoring of an economic war expressed in many ways including violent actions of forces with dubious agenda.

The attempt to assasinate the President of the country in Venezuela and similar actions are being fed by statements and actions of the previous and current US administration, from the European Union and in cooperation with elements of the oligarchy and reactionary forces.

The WPC expresses its solidarity with the people of Venezuela, with our Member Organisation “Comite de Solidaridad Internacional (COSI)” and the anti-imperialist peace loving forces of the country in their efforts to defend the achievements and to deepen the changes and transformations in favour of the people and youth of Venezuela, against foreign and local reaction.

5th August 2018 World Peace Council

Source:   World Peace Council via Facebook  / RedGlobe