More than a year ago, the WFTU Secretariat, in the face of the 75th anniversary of our big class-oriented trade unionist family, announced an open contest to commemorate every anonymous or known militant who fought among the ranks of our International, making its contribution for the emancipation of our class. Since that moment, many books, documents, testimonies, essays and various historical information have reached our Headquarters, thus contributing to the rescue and spread of the glorious history and path of our World Federation of Trade Unions.

The topics to be analyzed have been:

  1. The Internationalism of the WFTU in Asia and the Pacific (in English)
  1. The Internationalism of the WFTU in Central America (in Spanish)
  1. The Internationalism of the WFTU in Latin America (in Spanish)
  1. The Internationalism of the WFTU among Arab workers (in English or in Arabic)
  1. The Internationalism of the WFTU among the workers of the Balkans (in English)
  1. The internationalism of the WFTU among the peoples of Africa (in English or in French)

The Secretariat of the WFTU thanks each militant, scientist and trade unionist who up to this moment has sent us his essay.

However, we want to remind you that the contest is still going on until December 31, 2018.

Therefore, as class-oriented trade union movement, we appeal to every militant, to every comrade to send his/her contribution, given that the deadline is coming to an end.

Dear colleagues,

As is well understood, to us, history is a laboratory for the struggles of the present and the future, an essential tool that our class must master. In this sense, we call you to participate and send your documents to the Central Offices, further enriching the materials of our contest. Also, we repeat you that you can use the existing file of the WFTU, located in the Central Offices of the WFTU in Athens.

For more information, you can always contact the following e-mail address:

Sisters and brothers in struggle,

United we are stronger, strengthen the WFTU!

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions