The Workers’ Party has confirmed that it will be organising protests against the visit of US President Donald Trump during his visit to this country next November.

Workers’ Party Cork City Councillor Ted Tynan said that already, within hours of the announcement that Trump is to pay a brief visit here, there has been a groundswell of anger at the proposed visit and it was clear that that thousands of people would take to the streets to protest against the US President.

Cllr. Tynan said that the Taoiseach and the Minister for Foreign Affairs were not representing the views of the vast majority of Irish people in extending a warm welcome for the announcement.

He said: “There is indeed a very deep and abiding connection between this country and the United States but it is at its strongest and most genuine at the level of ordinary people, particularly working class people. It is based, not on the fawning and false obsequiousness of the Taoiseach and Minister Coveney but on the shared experiences of our peoples and their common struggles”.

Councillor Tynan said that across the United States among millions of Americans there was deep disgust and hatred of Donald Trump and the whole establishment and what they represent, a reality rarely if ever portrayed in the media here or in the US itself.

“From Boston to Chicago and Seattle down to Texas millions of US citizens will welcome protests against Donald Trump during his Irish visit. The will see through the false and insincere toadying of Irish politicians and many will wish they were able to join the protests here”

The Workers’ Party representative said the Irish government claims that it would raise key issues like human rights and climate change with President Trump were not credible.  Cllr, Tynan said, “This is not how these types of events work. They are carefully choreographed photo opportunities, mostly for the benefit of Mr. Trump for whom the red carpet will be rolled out at significant cost to the Irish people with major expenditure on pomp and security”


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