The Communist Youth of Greece hosted the 14th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations in Athens on September 23-24.

The Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations (MECYO), which takes place every year, is a forum for discussion, exchange of experience and promotion of joint action and coordination among Communist Youth Organizations. The 13th MECYO had taken place in İstanbul in February 2017 and celebrated the centenary of the Great October Revolution.

On September 23-24, the 14th MECYO was held in Athens. Following the 44th KNE Festival dedicated to the 100th year of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the 50th year of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), the KNE hosted 23 Communist Youth Organizations from all around Europe for the 14th MECYO. In accordance with the main slogan “We strengthen the Communist Youth Organizations! We reinforce the struggle against the imperialist war and the capitalist exploitation, for the contemporary rights of the youth in education-work-life”, delegates from 24 organizations contributed to the seminar entitled “The vanguard action of the young communists for the strengthening of the workers’ movement with new forces. Their particular responsibility for the organization, acquisition of mass characteristics and orientation of the students’ movement.”

The meeting started with the opening speech of Nikos Abatielos, the Secretary of the Central Council of the KNE, who emphasized the need for deepening the discussions and strengthening the international communist movement in accordance with a perspective for revolutionary restructuring. Abatielos was followed by the President of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), Iacovos Tofari, who emphasized the need for uniting around anti-imperialist struggle until conditions get ready for socialist construction. Delegates from Communist Youth Organizations described the worsening conditions of the students and young workers in their countries and presented their analyses and struggles under these conditions while they reiterated their conviction in the struggle for socialism.

List of the organizations that participated in the 14th MECYO:

  • Communist Youth of Austria – KJÖ
  • Young Communist League Britain – YCL Britain
  • Young Socialists of the Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia
  • United Democratic Youth Organization – EDON, Cyprus
  • Communist Youth Union – KSM, Czech Republic
  • Communist Youth of Denmark – UngKom
  • Youth of the Communist Workers’ Party of Finland
  • Movement of Young Communists of France – MJCF
  • Socialist German Worker Youth – SDAJ
  • Communist Youth of Greece – KNE
  • Connolly Youth Movement – CYM, Ireland
  • Front of Communist Youth – FGC, Italy
  • Youth of Socialist Workers’ Party of Latvia
  • Movement of Young Communists – CJB, Netherlands
  • Youth of the Communist Party of Poland
  • Portuguese Communist Youth – JCP
  • Union of Socialist Youth – UTS, Romania
  • Leninist Communist Youth Union of Russian Federation – LKSM RF
  • Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolsheviks) – RKSM(B), Russia
  • Young Communist League of Yugoslavia – SKOJ, Serbia
  • Collectives of Young Communists – CJC, Spain
  • Communist Youth Union of Spain – UJCE
  • Communist Youth of Sweden – SKU
  • Communist Youth of Turkey – TKG


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