As part of the Economic Recovery, Growth and Prosperity Program that the Executive is developing, the Bolivarian Government made an alliance with the airline Air Europa on Thursday, in order to boost the Tourism Engine of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda.

This was reported at a press conference by the vice president of the Economic Area, Tareck El Aissami, who held a meeting with José Luis Álvarez, general director of the aeronautic company, and Simón Zerpa, the People’s Power Minister for the Economy and Finance.

#EnVivo|| Vicepresidente Sectorial de Economía @TareckPSUV: Está alianza entre Air Europa y el Gobierno Bolivariano sostendrá sus operaciones en el criptoactivo venezolano El Petro.

— Vicepresidencia Vzla (@ViceVenezuela) October 25, 2018

In this sense, the sector vice president emphasized that “the agreement with the company Air Europa will not only favor the infrastructure and transport of the tourism sector, but also impact on the influx of visitors from the European continent to our country”.

“This great alliance has a great impact on the new economic start of the nation”, said El Aissami, who also thanked the airline for its confidence in Venezuela and highlighted the efforts of its international board to contribute to the country’s economic development.

Also, the vice president explained that this important investment of Air Europa in Venezuela includes as well commercial alliance with the national aeronautical company Conviasa, European tour operators and airport administration at international airports.

Similarly, El Aissami confirmed that transactions with Venezuelan cryptocurrency, Petro, will begin as scheduled on November 5. In that sense, he assured that as of this Thursday, any supplier of the country that wants to make payments in petros, can arrange it.

Finally, he explained that the cryptocurrency platform is enabled to make the purchase and sale transactions, and that they will be carried out under the foreseen schedule.

Let’s recall that the Economic Recovery, Growth and Prosperity Program, proposed last August by President Nicolás Maduro, consists in 10 strategic lines, among them, develop and promote production and generate foreign currency income for the nation.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela