wfdy 148In 1945 during the Second World War and the struggle against fascism, various anti-fascist and progressive youth movements were building bridges of communication and cooperation in the face of the common enemy. Millions of youth around the world saw the necessity of uniting their voices and joining their hands, for a common struggle against all forms of destruction of life. On the same time they were setting the priority of facing imperialism and struggling for its overthrow.

In November 10, 1945, through the ashes of the II World War, thousands of Youth gathered in London to attend the constitutional congress of the World Federation of Democratic Youth. Since then the World Federation of Democratic Youth chose the path of struggling against imperialism, alongside all the anti-imperialist youth organizations worldwide. Since then WFDY pledge to be in this position until the end of imperialism, fascism, colonization, occupation, war, exploitation, and misery of peoples.

Throughout WFDY history, overcoming all the challenges obstructing its struggle, WFDY managed to succeed, providing on the same time the hope of its continuity to millions of youth in the world. Influenced by the ideals of international solidarity and friendship, WFDY is acting on international level.

After 73 years of life the message of WFDY remains the same! The goal to overthrow imperialism is our duty. Together, all members of WFDY and all partners will continue holding the aspiration of anti-imperialist youth. After 73 years of life the goals of peace and solidarity remain unconditional in the struggle of WFDY. The demands for the end of occupations, wars, foreign interventions, exploitation and oppression remain untouchable in the positions of WFDY. Also, updating its action and evaluating the necessities of the youth and peoples, WFDY supports the struggle for work with rights that insure the benefits of the working and popular class, the struggle for free access to education, health, culture and sports.

Long live the international solidarity!
Long live the anti-imperialist struggle!
Long live WFDY!

Source: World Federation of Democratic Youth via Facebook / RedGlobe