The First International Meeting of Cryptoactives was installed this Friday in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, informed the Superintendent of Cryptoactives and Related Activities of the South American country, Joselit Ramírez.

“With the full house starts the First International Meeting of Cryptoactives in Venezuela; The Petro is the host of this first meeting, a historic day for the country!!!”, said the superintendent in his Twitter account @JoselitRamirez.

The Petro is the first cryptoactive issued and endorsed by a sovereign State.

The Venezuelan cryptocurrency is backed with part of the Venezuelan State’s natural reserves.

Con la casa llena inicia el Primer Encuentro Internacional de Criptoactivios en Venezuela; #ElPetro es anfitrión de este primer encuentro, día histórico para el país!!!

— Joselit Ramírez (@JoselitRamirez) November 16, 2018


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela