We demand with a militant strike on November 28th:

  •  Right here and right now, increases in wages, in pensions, in social benefits
  • Cancelation of the law that abolishes the collective bargaining
  • Increase of the minimum salary to € 751 for all and restoration of the Collective Contracts

            PAME calls on all the unions throughout the country to discuss, to proceed to General Assemblies to strengthen and expand through collective processes the strike wave against the policy of the governments and employers. All Unions must take part in the struggle, organize the preparation of the strike and take militant initiatives in every industry, region and workplace.

The draft of the state budget for 2019 and the achievement of new «blood-stained» primary surpluses once again attack the people and at the same time offer a significant reduction in taxes for business groups. This is as we can see in practice the true meaning of «regularity» and «development» mentioned by the government. Development for more profits for the big employers, through workers exploitation, without rights.

            The minimum things offered by the government and the main opposition party during the pre-election period do not change the life of the great majority of the people that has been suffering by the constant blow to the popular income and the taxes. None of the about 700 memorandum’s laws has been abolished as specific pledges for surveillance and fiscal measures have been taken until 2060!

It is time for the workers to be to the spotlight!

            Let us give a united and coordinated struggle. Do not accept any waiting and tolerance. Let us respond to the lies and illusions of the SYRIZA-ANEL government and the main opposition party of Nea Dimokratia. No one will solve the problems created by the anti-workers policies of their governments since the beginning of the crisis, unless a massive, decisive struggle is organized. «Our own needs ahead – not the profits of the few.»

 No one to believe the lies and the propaganda of the government!

            Through communication altricks, the government is trying to conceal the truth! They claim that they will increase the minimum wage, but the truth is that the government and the other parties that voted the third memorandum (PASOK, ND,SYRIZA), voted for one more time against the proposal of the 530 trade unions to increase the minimum wage to 751€! In essence, they implement the law, which abolishes the collective bargaining, and the government together with the respective minister will determine the minimum wage according to the criteria of «productivity», «competitiveness», «employment» and «unemployment», that is, the entire reactionary framework that has crashed and keeps crashing the wages.

            The continuing mockery of the government is a provocation against the pensioners on the «non-cuts in pensions» and the «end of memorandums». They brought in total 21 reductions in pensions, added to the previous ones. With no shame, they publicly plead pensioners to diein order for the State to get closer to their financial ratios!

 No house in the hands of the bankers!

            The attack of the government, banks and the bourgeois state’s mechanisms against the popular housing and households, is accentuated, through a number of auctions, taxes, as well as prosecutions against those who resist.

No participation in NATO’s slaughterhouses!

            The policy implemented by the government of SYRIZA-ANEL and the «upgrading» of the Greek-US defence cooperation, mean the upgrading of the risks for the people, since the country, its infrastructure, its Armed Forces participate in dangerous plans and are targeted in war conflicts.

            This policy puts our country even deeper in the control of the energy sources and the road for its transportation. We are even more involved in the competition among the great imperialist poles that do not hesitate to resolve their differences through war, destruction, killings and uprooting.

We demand with a militant strike on November 28th!

 No surrender to the minimum, to their miserable wages, to the badly paid work of the short-term employment programs, to the unemployment.

             Only our own struggle, the militant action, the reconstruction of the trade union movement, the social alliance can overturn the barbaric anti-popular policies, in order to put our own needs forward!

 We demand:

  • Cancelation of the law, which abolishes the collective bargaining. Restoration of the Collective Contracts and of the minimum salary to € 751 for all.
  • Stable and permanent work for all.
  • Increases in wages, pensions and social benefits.
  • Abolishment of all laws that destroy the social security.
  • Public Universal Compulsory Social Security. Minimum pension at 600 euros, the 80% of the minimum salary.
  • No auction of the first residence. All persecutions to be stopped.
  • Abolishment of the tax for property (ΕΝFIA), of extra taxes.
  • We demand infrastructure right her and right now, anti-seismic, anti-flood and fireproof shielding so that we do not die when it rains, or get burnt by wildfires during the summer.
  • No involvement in the imperialist plans and wars of NATO and the EU. We do not allow our country to become an aircraft carrier for interventions. We do not have anything to divide with the neighbouring peoples. We have the same problems, the same concerns, the same needs.

Strike on November 28th


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)