Just a month away from celebrating Christmas, a time of reconciliation and family unity, the Plan Vuelta a la Patria continues with the repatriation of Venezuelans who emigrated to other latitudes in pursuit of better living conditions, an action that resulted in disappointment for the compatriots who suffered the ravages of rejection, xenophobia, discrimination and mistreatment of those who were once sheltered in the Homeland of Bolívar.

This November first, the National Government, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry and the Embassy of Venezuela in Ecuador, jointly managed the repatriation of 95 nationals that are added to the 8,832 compatriots that are already in Venezuelan lands, thus being a total of 8,927 returnees so far.

As customary, the Bolivarian Government, guaranteeing the well-being of the citizens, deployed a medical team from the People’s Power Ministry for Health that, during the flight, was in charge of giving primary attention to the 14 cases prioritized due to their condition.

During the flight Yoleida Portillo, 53, from Mérida, spoke about her experience during the two months she lived in Ecuador.

Last August, Portillo, after selling her house in El Vigía, decided along with her two grandchildren of 9 and 10 years old respectively to join her daughter who had migrated to Ecuador a year ago.

In her story, Portillo highlighted the discrimination suffered by the Venezuelan woman who are vexed and mistreated for no reason, being part of the media campaign promoted by the international media and agencies that seek to discredit Venezuela.

“In Ecuador they did not give us the place we deserved as human beings. I could see how men mistreat and abuse women, a fact that demoralizes you as an individual when observing the situation of vulnerability to which one and one’s family is exposed to”, she said.

In the coming days, the National Executive will continue with the repatriation of Venezuelans who are abroad, who were victims of an aggressive and recalcitrant international campaign that seeks to discredit the identity and idiosyncrasies of Venezuelans.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela