Under the leadership of Nakliyat-İş Union, Uyum-Makro Market Workers, who have been struggling for their extorted severance allowances, have concluded their great struggle with a big victory!

As we informed the class organizations and public step by step, Migros had bought 73 Uyum-Market stores that belonged to Makro Market for 105 million TL. In this process, 1500 workers were transferred to Migros and immediately after the acquisition; they were fired without getting their severance allowances. After the sale of the Uyum Market stores, Makro Market announced a bankrupt, conducted some meetings with its claimants and made some payment schedules. However, they did nothing when it came to the payment of the workers!

Having found no way other than contacting with Nakliyat-İş Union, the workers joined the struggle of Real Market Workers who had been fighting for their rights for more than 10 months against the Metro AG and yellow unionism. Just like Real Market Workers, they chose Nakliyat-İş although they work in a sector other than transportation. And then, massive and creative actions were organized with the guidance of Nakliyat-İş and participation of Real Market Workers and Makro-Uyum Market Workers.

As we shared the relating information with the public during the process, a lot of action methods were implemented by the workers ranging from cash point blocking actions to massive demonstrations at the biggest Migros stores in Istanbul. During these actions, the unionists and workers were exposed to many police attacks and detentions. And after these creative actions, Migros promised to pay the workers’ claims on but it didn’t keep its words.

Finally, at the 6th month of the struggle, Migros had to accept to pay the claims of all struggling workers as a result of this great struggle. On November 8, Migros paid all the claims of the workers sending their money to their bank accounts, which means a great victory for the workers and their union Nakliyat-İş in spite of all the police attacks and the efforts made by yellow unions!

Right now it’s time for Real Market Workers to finish their struggle with a similar victory! Our fight will continue until Real Market Workers get their full claims!

Long live the class oriented struggle of Working Class!


World Federation of Trade Unions