Palestinian brothers and sisters,

The leadership of the World Federation of Trade Unions, who met this week, extends to the heroic Palestinian People and to the Palestinian workers a true, comradely salute. The solidarity of WFTU, our proletarian Internationalism to the struggle of the Palestinian People is based on principles and on values which no one can stop.

The WFTU and the General Union of Palestine Workers (GUPW) have been walking hand in hand since 1945 until today. In the same way, they will continue together. Until the final victory. Until Palestine becomes an independent state, with its own borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The WFTU has never put in the same position, neither does it now, the victim with the assassin. The WFTU has never supported the Israeli strategy as the leaderships of the yellow trade unions do.

Palestinian brothers and sisters,
We know that during this period the historic GUPW is under the pressure and the threats of those who objectively want to silence the genuine Palestinian voices. The GUPW is receiving pressure by all those who, secretly or openly, do not want words like occupation, imperialism, capitalist exploitation, class struggle, independent state, etc, to be heard.
In these crucial moments, we are calling upon you to keep high the banners of struggle. All together, we must support the GUPW. The GUPW must become stronger. Those corrupted persons who attack the GUPW for money and collaborate with corrupted yellow trade union leaderships, are condemned in the conscience of every honest Palestinian, of every honest Arab, of every honest trade unionist in all corners of the world. The corrupted and sell-out trade unionists deserve only your disrespect. Turn your back on them.

Fellow militants workers in Palestine,
We are sending you militant greetings and we are committed with you in your struggle and we assure you that the big family of the WFTU with its 95 million members in 130 countries of the world will not leave you alone.
We are by your side.
With initiatives and activities in Europe, in Arab countries, in Asia, in Africa, in Latin America, we will continue to support you in every possible way.

Long live the People of Palestine!

Down with imperialism!

Stop to the Israeli occupation!

Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine!

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions