Today: more than 40.000 people joined the AITUC Public Rally to support the General strike of January 8-9,2019 against the anti labor agenda of the government. The wftu Delegate underlined the contribution of KLMAHENDRA a historic personality who was WFTU President, and the decisive role of Gurudas das Gupta and Amarjeet KAUR who is leading now the AITUC.

The WFTU was represented by the Central Offices General Coordinator Anda Anastasaki who gave the following speech:

Dear colleagues,

Brothers and sisters of India’s working class,

It is a great honour for us having us invited to attend the rally and AITUC General Council of December the 2nd in Bangalore. In the same way, we would like to extend you the best wishes of our 95 million members who live, work and struggle in 130 countries of the whole world. We address a special greeting to our sister Amarjeet Kaur who leads your historic organization.

The bonds which unite our two trade union families are deep and indissoluble. The AITUC has been one of the biggest organizations which have been present when the WFTU was born, the AITUC has been present at all big trade union struggles we gave side by side, for the defense of the workers’ conquests, for the satisfaction of the working class contemporary needs in the 21st century in India, Asia and the whole world.

The international panorama and the situation of the working class at global level show once more that the WFTU positions have been confirmed in the most tragic way for our class brothers and sisters. The consequences of world capitalist crisis have severely affected the conquests that the working class had gained with its blood, sweat and class-oriented struggle in the class battlefields. For their part, capitalists have been trying to promote new packages of measures which will empower Capital and will ensure them new profitability fields at a global level. At the same time, through their infra-state imperialist mechanisms have been trying to find new profitability fields, new routes for their products’ transportation while the people continue to be their victim.

The realistic possibility of a new, even deeper world crisis of over-accumulation of Capital makes them even more aggressive and increases the rivalries between them for a new share of the world. They don’t even hesitate to perpetrate the most abominable crimes, as the slaughters they committed in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and the continuous bloodshed against Libyan people clearly show.

Apparently, India is not an exception to the international context of imperialist antagonisms. The issues addressed by the AITUC General Council are part of the agenda that the working class must debate on and are also part of the WFTU analysis on the international developments.

The reactionary- antipeople agenda that the Indian government tries to implement forms part of the capitalist adjustments that want to make India’s bourgeois class more competitive in the global market and at the same time to further impoverish Indian workers. The anti-labour reforms they promote aim at lower the labor power price, to create a working mass without rights which is going to be compromised with breadcrumbs and be disciplined to the bosses’ orders.

In order to achieve this they must first take away the powerful weapon that the working class has, to take away our organized power, our unions, to weaken our organized struggles. Besides, your movement is well aware that every time the bosses and their political personnel unleashed an attack against trade union rights and freedoms, this was followed by more anti-people measures. In other words, the offensive against trade union rights has been a forerunner of a generalized attack against the people and popular rights.

Dear colleagues,

Both the WFTU and the AITUC are well aware that our class brothers and sisters are not alone. We do have experience, knowledge and capacity to organize our counterattack, always inside the big trade union family of the WFTU. We have the experience to retaliate the strikes and weaken our enemies. Your class-oriented confederation along with India’s working class can strike a fatal blow to our enemies, to ruin their plans.

Our affiliates in every corner of the world have always stood in solidarity with the big struggles of your country’s working class and have always admired the colossal strikes which you have been organizing, paralyzing all India. We are sure that the 2-day strike of 9 and 10 of January you have announced and you are about to organize is going to show once more the way for the life that today’s working class really deserves. We are also going to stand by your side. Following the way that shows the task of today, until the final victory and the emancipation of the working class, for the abolition of man-by-man exploitation.


World Federation of Trade Unions