russland aussen340We have taken note of the brash tweet posted by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding the training flight of Russian strategic bombers to Venezuela.

We understand that tweets are not anything binding in the United States and everyone is free to choose whether to cross the line or not. But in this case we are talking about a government official, and so we cannot regard this brazen disregard for diplomatic ethics as unimportant. What the US Secretary of State has tweeted is completed unacceptable, not to say unprofessional.

Before counting other people’s money, Washington should take a look at its own spending. The Inspector General of the US Department of Defence has more than once expressed alarm over the millions of US taxpayer dollars, which appear to have been wasted on assistance to Afghanistan that has never helped the people or even reached their destination.

The effectiveness of huge US military spending in other areas is equally questionable. Aimed at ensuring US hegemony in a world entangled in a network of Pentagon bases, US military spending has brought death and suffering and not freedom or democracy to people. The case in point is Iraq and Libya, where Washington has sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives to its ambitions and destroyed countries that used to be prosperous.

US public should think about the rationale of the US authorities’ decision to withdraw from the INF Treaty and hence to relaunch the arms race. This can only serve the interests of the US defence industry, because it holds the promise of huge military contracts. As for the American people, this will only make their lives less safe.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation / RedGlobe