On December 4, the PAME Executive Secretariat met and discussed the outcomes and conclusions of the strike on 28 November.

The discussion noted that the Strike on November 28th with the massive rallies and demonstrations of PAME was a militant and necessary response to the Government-Employers-yellow trade unions. Despite the undermining tactics of the GSEE (member of the ETUC in Greece), as well as the Government’s propaganda about the «end of the memorandums,» thousands of workers acted and participated in PAME’s strike rallies. An important element is the increased participation in the Strike in sectors and workplaces where the class unions are at the forefront of the struggle for signing Collective Contracts.

Particularly increased participation in the Strike was for example in Construction, Transport, Metal, Food Industries, Telecommunications.

Also positive is the fact that the strike had participation by young workers from big companies in sectors such as telecommunications, finance, catering.

Nowadays, the need to organize workers in the trade unions, especially in the areas where the flexible forms are dominating, especially the young workers who are mostly ununionized is most urgently needed.

In the next period, it is important for this discussion to take place in the trade unions, in the workplaces. To strengthen the information and organization of the working class against the ongoing assault.

The SYRIZA-ANEL Government is escalating its attack by preparing a hard, anti-peoples budget with dozens of new anti-peoples and anti-workers measures.

We call on the National Federations, Regional Trade Unions, industrial unions to give a massive response with a massive rally on December 18, the day the budget will be voted in the Parliament, to impose new taxes on the people and auctions of poor families’ homes.

We strengthen the struggle and initiatives for Collective Contracts, Health and Safety issues in workplaces.

We support the important initiative of the Workers in the Hospitals for rally and demonstrations on December 10 for the situation in Healthcare and the National Pensioners’ Rally in Athens on December 15th


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)