During the past weeks, France is experiencing a situation that makes the world wonder about the future of the country. Despite the focus of the media on the purely fiscal aspect of the #ΥellowVests movement there are much more fundamental elements which are not even mentioned in the news.

Maybe the whole situation started with protests against the increase of taxes on fuel but it is actually the expression of the imperialist contradictions even in a country which is not going through war. The state of #France responded to the people’s anger with strong repression and violence. Last Saturday more than 1700 people were arrested and 624 were injured. Against the police repression are not only a few “violent elements” as some media try to present but also the high school students who have been mobilising and blocking the entrances to their schools.

#WFDY condemns the escalated repression in France and expresses its solidarity to the French people and our member organisation there, Mouvement Jeunes Communistes de France (MJCF). We call the French people to keep resisting and struggle against the neoliberal policies that have generated even greater inequalities in their society as in the whole world.


World Federation of Democratic Youth