PAME held massive and militant demonstrations all over Greece on December 18 against the anti-workers’ State Budget.

In Athens thousands of workers took to the streets and demonstrated in front of the Parliament.

The main speaker, President of the Union of Workers in Thriasio Hospital, stated: “We welcome all the workers who are here and in other cities of Greece demonstrating against the «memorandum budget» of the SYRIZA-ANEL government, which does not fall short of anything else in previous memorandum budgets.

It is a provocation to celebrate the so called “without-memorandum-budget” when they have turned Greece into a giant NATO aircraft carrier, with 4 billion EUROS a year being given by the budget for murderousmilitary armaments, engaging our country in death raids and imperialist plans that bring us ever closer to the eye of the cyclone of war.

They reduce the funding of public hospitals by € 65 million, when we already suffer deaths due to serious shortages in medical and nursing staff, as well as shortages of logistical equipment in hospitals, and Primary Health Care is virtually non-existent.

They cut funding to Social Security by €935 million

At the time they cut Unemployment benefits by €63 euros, they increase funding to employers to hire unemployed-without cost- by €191 million.

They increase taxation to poor families by 1 billion euros, while at the same time they decrease taxes to the rich

We will not allow them to build their capitalist development on the ruins of workers rights, on the blood of the hundreds of workers who died in the past year while they struggled for their wages.

We are aware that the struggle will be difficult and tough, but with the organization of workers in every workplace, we can count on victories in every sector against employers and the state.”

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All Workers Militant Front (PAME)