The Union of Workers in the Bank Sector of Athens, member of PAME, stands in solidarity  to the mobilizations of our comrades and fellow workers of India, who have pronounced a 24hour strike on the 26th of December, against the attack of the government  with dismissals as a result of bank merging, shutting down of bank stores and so on.

The workers in the bank sector in Greece live with the consequences of the capitalist economic crisis, and the attack from bankers and their governments against our rights. We have experienced the shutting down of bank stores, as a result of bank merging, the intensification of our work, the decrease of our salaries and of our rights.

The only road to follow is that of the organization of our struggle, and of our fightback in order to protect our rights. We express our support and solidarity with your strike on December 26


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)