The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela formally protested to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana for the incursion into its jurisdictional waters of two seismic exploration vessels, Ramfor of the Bahamas flag and Delta Monarch of the Trinidad and Tobago flag, both hired by the transnational ExxonMobil and whose crew claimed to have a permit from the Guyanese government.

Through a Note of Protest, the third so far this month, the Venezuelan Executive reiterated on Thursday its categorical rejection of unilateral and arbitrary activities of exploration in maritime areas of Venezuela, which the Republic of Guyana has been facilitating to transnationals of hydrocarbons.

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela informed on Monday that the Bolivarian National Navy, carrying out its customary patrols for the Venezuelan Atlantic facade, corresponding to the day 12/22/2018, in charge of the Kariña Oceanic Patrolman (PO-14), spotted the unprecedented presence in jurisdictional waters of Venezuela of two seismic exploration vessels. The referred ships were at the coordinates Latitude 09 ° 17 ‘4 “N Longitude 058 ° 15’ 7” W and Latitude 09 ° 15 ‘0 “Longitude 058 ° 17’ 3” W, in the maritime projection of the Orinoco Delta being indubitable under sovereignty of Venezuela.

Faced with this flagrant violation of national sovereignty, the corresponding international protocols were applied, acting with the prudence which abbandoned the Guyanese government when unduly authorized such exploration, the General Secretary of the United Nations, António Guterres, was notified.

Previously, the Government of Venezuela expressed to Guyana its strongest protest for the Notice of the Navigators N ° 31 (2018) dated December 6, 2018, which indicates that the company ExxonMobil through its subsidiary Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (Eepgl) that day and until December 31 began, in what they falsely call the maritime zone of Guyana, a seismic survey campaign with the presence of two vessels.

In this regard, the Venezuelan Executive reiterated its categorical objection based on the most elementary principles of international law. In that sense, Venezuela proposes to the government of Guyana, the resumption of direct negotiations, by mutual agreement for the coming year and with the assistance of the Secretary of the United Nations.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela