The last week the youth and the people of #Jordan, have been demonstrating against the violations of the regime on the human and democratic rights of the people and the anti-popular policies implemented by the regime. Policies which have brought high prices on basic consumer goods, huge unemployment, widespread privatisation and extreme poverty on a mass scale.

The state of Jordan responded with extreme methods of repression and arrests of the youth and the activists in order to break the massive mobilisations. Until now at least 15 comrades were arrested and interrogated including our comrade Bachar Assaf from the member organisation of #WFDY. Bachar Assaf was arrested by a way which reminds the 60ths government kidnapping methods. A car blocked his way and pointed weapons to his chest. Since then he is kept for without any explanations for the reason of arrest by the Jordan intelligent services.

WFDY condemns the repression of the regime and expresses its solidarity to the youth, the students and people of Jordan who are currently facing the violence and oppression of the police and the paramilitaries. We also send a strong message of support to our member organisations in Jordan who stand at the forefront of those struggles and we demand from the immediate release for all our comrades and the youth.

We call all the progressive people of the world to support the struggle for peace, human and democratic rights, social justice and against the plans of the US imperialism, the Israeli reactionary government as well as other reactionary regimes in In the Arab world.

Long Live International #Solidarity and anti-imperialism!

Long live the struggle for #peace and progress!

Victory to the struggle of people for freedom, #democracy, and social justice!


World Federation of Democratic Youth via Facebook