China today reiterated its support for the Venezuelan government and called the internal and external forces to respect the sovereign decisions of the people to choose their leaders and their own development path.

The spokeswoman of the Chinese chancellery, Hua Chunying greeted the announcement of the president of the Caribean country, Nicolás Maduro, to promote the economic recovery of Venezuela and considered that this initiative will raise the welfare of the population.

She reaffirmed the support to the Bolivarian Government on their progress model and insisted on non-interference in internal affairs.

Finally, Hua said that China is ready to work with all parties looking for ways to handle the internal situation of Venezuela always through political and peaceful dialogue.

Thus, the spokeswoman clarified the position of the Asian giant before the attempts of foreign governments to ignore the new mandate of Nicolás Maduro Moros, re-elected last May with 67% of the valid votes cast in the presidential elections.

These elections were endorsed by international organizations for their development in accordance with the laws and respect for the guarantees of all parties, candidates and voters.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela