Israel’s far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has joined the United States, Canada, and some countries of Latin America and Europe in recognizing the new pro-imperialist leadership in Venezuela. Netanyahu released in a short statement that he is siding with opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the country’s interim leader over socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Slamming Netanyahu for his decision to recognize Guaidó as interim president in Venezuela, leading Communist activist MK Aida Touma-Sleiman (Hadash-Joint List) said, “It isn’t surprising that Netanyahu will align himself with any operation, however contemptible, to replace the government there with a right-wing pro-imperialistic one that will serve the interests of US President Donald Trump and his allies.”

France’s President Emmanuel Macron has also given his backing to Venezuela’s self-declared interim president, saying last year’s re-election of Maduro “was illegitimate.” Today, Tuesday, January 29, a protest will be held in front of the French Consulate in Haifa (37, Hagefen Street) starting at 7 pm under the slogan “Fuera Trump, Viva Venezuela” sponsored by the Haifa branch of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI).


Communist Party of Israel