PCP PortugalThe Portuguese Communist Party vehemently condemns the new putschist operation, orchestrated and led by the USA, against Venezuela and the Venezuelan people which, by means of a bizarre «self-proclamation» of a puppet president, a so-called «interim President» – promoted by Trump and immediately supported by Bolsonaro and others – confronts that country’s Constitutional order and seeks to challenge the legitimate President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, who was elected by the people’s vote.

This putschist operation is part and parcel of the systematic operation of destabilization, attempted coups d’Etat, boycotts, terrorism, speculation and hoarding, sanctions, economic, financial, political and diplomatic blockade, and even the threat of a military intervention by the USA – an operation which is at the root of Venezuela’s economic problemas and of the difficulties which its people face.

The PCP considers that the stance taken by the Portuguese Government is of the utmost seriousness. In confrontation with the interests of our country and of the Portuguese community in Venezuela , it has chosen to tail along after the European Union and the most reactionary circles, who are aligned with the unacceptable operation of destabilization and subversion against Venezuela.

The PCP stresses that defending national interests and those of the Portuguese communtiy who lives in Venezuela requires that the Portuguese Government takes a firm sovereign attitude which, strictly abiding by the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and International Law, must respect the sovereignty and independence of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and must reject, and not align itself with, the escalation of interference and aggression against that country, which is spearheaded by the USA and supported by the EU.

Source: Portuguese Communist Party via Solidnet / RedGlobe