Sudanese CP ArabicKhartoum, 19 January 2019

Several military vehicles carrying soldiers and armed members of the security forces have encircled the Sudanese Communist Party Headquarters today in the afternoon.

Although they did not force their way into the building, like last time, they subjected a comrade, who was leaving the building, to harassment and questioned him as to how many comrades were inside the building and about their identities.

When they were told that all people had already left and there was nobody inside, except for security guards, they withdrew but have kept the party headquarters under close surveillance.

This is the second attempt by the regime’s security forces to harass our party headquarters during the past 4 weeks, since peaceful protesters took to the streets, day and night nationwide, to end the dictatorial Islamist regime.

Secretariat of the Central Committee

Source: Sudanese CP via Solidnet / RedGlobe