Sudanese CP ArabicComrade Fathi Alfadl, member of the Political Bureau of the Sudanese Communist Party and its official spokesman, was arrested this morning in Khartoum by the security forces of the dictatorial regime. There is deep concern for his safety and health.

In an escalation of the regime’s repressive campaign, as mass demonstrations continue since the popular uprising began on 19th December 2018, scores of communists and democratic activists were arrested today.

Several members of the Central Committee of the Sudanese CP are still in detention after their arrest by the security forces during recent weeks. They include: Siddig Yousif, Masoud Alhassan, Hanadi Fadl, Kamal Karar, Sied Ahmed Alkhteeb, Tariq Abdalmagied.

Comrade Fathi Alfadl headed the party delegation to the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties that was held in Athens in late November 2018.

We call for urgent international solidarity action to demand the immediate release of Comrade Fathi Alfadl and all political detainees.

Stop the repression in Sudan

Support the Popular Uprising of the Sudanese People against the dictatorial regime