«Stop the crime – Close the hot spot now. Unblock Refugees and Immigrants. Not in the downgrading of Healthcare «. With this motto, dozens of trade unions, professional associations, women’s and students’ organizations people of all ages participated in the mobilization and the strike on the island of Samos.

At the same time, the SYRIZA government with police forces blocked the hot spot and prevented the massive participation of migrants and refugees in this big mobilization because it did not want the majority of the island’s population and migrant-refugees to have the same demand : Unblocking the refugees, against its own and EU policy.

In her address, Vaso Vrinioti, President of Samos Regional Trade Union, stressed that the protest is an action of solidarity with refugees and immigrants who are victims of war and poverty in their countries, to all those who have come here to be saved from the bombs, persecution, hunger and impoverishment, in order to go to other countries, to unite with their families.

«With our stance and positions, we confront the cause of poverty, wars and refugees. We are opposed to the interventions of states and organizations waging war for the control of oil, gas and hydrocarbons. With our current militant initiative, we bring to the front the needs and demands of the peoples of our island and immigrant-refugees. We put in the front the needs of the working class and peoples of all countries for a better life without wars, poverty and refugees»

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All Workers Militant Front (PAME)