Communist Party General Secretary wrote today to the Ambassador of Sudan to protest at the inhuman treatment of prisoners being held in Sudan and to demand their immediate release. Elderly prisoners have now been held without access to medical assistance, medicines or their families for over a month. Their lives are reported to be in danger.

Robert Griffiths wrote:

I am writing to ask that you convey to your government our strongest protest against the maltreatment of elderly and vulnerable prisoners,maltreatment that is immediately threatening their lives.

We refer to the denial of medicines and medical access to two elderly prisoners with serious medical conditions who have been held in prison for the past month. They are members of the Central Committee of the Sudanese Communist Party, Fathi Fadhi and Ali Saeed.

We ask that their families be allowed to visit them with medical personnel.

We also ask that you convey to your government our grave concern that the arrest yesterday of Faiza Ibrahim Nugud, a member of the Central Committee and in her eighties, as well as other women who went to protest.

These policies are in gross violation of all international protocols for the treatment of prisoners.

We call for their immediate release.

These arrests are part of a major wave of repression by the government in face of growing mass protests against the doubling of the prices of basic necessities and anger at the brutal response of the regime. Mr Griffiths called on all labour movement organisations to make similar protests to save the lives of these political prisoners.


Communist Party of Britain