The Regional Trade Union Centre of Samos (island in the Aegean Sea close to Turkey) decided a 24-hour strike on Thursday, February 7th, in the island of Samos, highlighting that the SYRIZA government is systematically lying and is indifferent towards the humanitarian crime, which, with the government’s tolerance, takes place on the island.

The Greek Government has a huge responsibility, like all those who support the policy and the agreement that they have signed with Turkey and the EU that leads to the entrapment of these people, the refugees, on our island. They are responsible for their misery, that they are slowly dying in a town, on an island with many problems with serious consequences at the expense of the local community.

We condemn the imperialist interventions, military and economic ones, which, in order to preserve the interests of capital, they create thousands of victims, poverty, wars and refugees. We once again express our support and solidarity in their countries and declare that we do not tolerate that refugees be trapped, in mud, in cold, in rain, along with rodents, vulnerable to illnesses and hardships.

We claim and demand:

  • To close right here and right now the Hotspot in Samos and in the other islands.  Not to create a new Hotspot in Samos.
  • Set the refugees and immigrants free from the island with priority for patients, vulnerable groups and finally, the Asylum Services to release the refugees who have been given asylum and they are held and remain «hostages» on the island against their will. To be transported to the mainland in centers with human conditions and from there, wherever they wish to go.
  • Transfer the asylum services from the island to Mainland Greece.
  • In Samos, only a small area of reception, registration, identification, and primary healthcare should be maintained, where they will stay for a short period of time until a health certificate is issued.
  • Abolish the Agreement of the Greek government with EU and Turkey that traps these people on our islands.


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)