The Workers’ Party have condemned a decision by Ireland to back EU support for the Trump-backed pretender to the US presidency, Juan Guiadó. The statement comes in response to Department of Foreign Affairs confirmation that it intends to support an EU motion backing Guiadó. 

Cllr. Éilis Ryan, the Workers’ Party candidate for the European Parliament elections in Dublin, said: 
“What we are seeing now is the culmination of nearly a decade of Fine Gael governments moving Ireland further and further from even a semblance of ‘neutrality,’ the principle which drives foreign policy according to our constitution. 

“Of course, issues such as Shannon Airport’s use by the US military have undermined Irish neutrality for many years. But by actively supporting US efforts to depose the head of state of a Latin American nation, Ireland has now moved even further into the NATO group of countries’ sphere of influence.” 

Ryan continued:”Donald Trump is an erratic man, to say the least. He seems intent on fuelling civil war within Venezuela, in order to shore up his own support at home. Apart at all from principles such as neutrality, this is an extraordinarily dangerous course of action.  

“The drivers of the efforts to remove Maduró are Trump, the UK tories, and the most right-wing governments in Latin America. Let there be no doubt – this is who Fine Gael are allying Ireland with. And should we be surprised?” 

The European Parliament candidate concluded: 

“Many Western countries are refusing to align themselves with Trump’s latest overseas exploits. New Zealand’s Prime Minister has, for example, made clear she views Guiadó as illegitimate and destabilising. Moderate governments in Uruguay and Mexico have also condemned the intervention, and offered to facilitate face-to-face negotiations – something Juan Guiadó has flatly refused. 

“This is where Ireland should be positioning itself – as a neutral country, outside the sphere of NATO, and alongside peacemaking countries. Clearly, though, that is not something our increasingly pro-NATO Fine Gael government are interested in.” 


Worker’s Party