During an interview offered to the Argentine radio program “Un poco más”, led by the former Ambassador of Argentina to the Vatican, Eduardo Valdés, the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, highlighted the Bolivarian Government’s willingness to dialogue and get to agreement with the Venezuelan opposition.

“We have to demystify the fact that in Venezuela the members of both parties do not talk. There is practically daily communication between government and opposition spokespersons, I could make a call at this time and talk to people close to the deputy, Juan Guaidó”, the FM said.

The Minister added that the National Government has always been willing to dialogue and to establish concrete agreements for the welfare of the Venezuelan people, but the opposition has always frustrated all scheduled meetings.

“The opposition sits and gets up from the negotiating table according to the indications that they receive them from Washington; undoubtedly the most dramatic was a year ago in the Dominican Republic, then began this plan to delegitimize presidential elections that were convened under the constitution and the guarantees of that agreement”

As in other opportunities, he alluded to the existence of a media psychological campaign against the Venezuelan people, which in his opinion, begins internally in the country but is then maximized towards the world in order to create favorable conditions for an intervention.

“Today, Mr. Trump has just declared that he does not rule out a military intervention in Venezuela, however, I must tell you that our country is calm, President Nicolás Maduro is carrying out daily government actions in all areas”, said the Diplomat.

He clarified that the last thing the Bolivarian Revolution wants is an induced Civil War or a foreign military intervention. He also thanked the governments of Uruguay, Mexico and the Caribbean countries for their support in the call to help solve the problems between both parties, “the work of any government is permanent dialogue”.

The Minister warned that before the evident attempt of coup d’état, all the institutions of the region should be activated. “The United Nations with its Secretary General has said that they are going to participate, we are satisfied with that. His sanctity, Pope Francis, who we love and respect very much, has also offered his aid and we hope that the whole Vatican will join its diplomacy”.

At the same time the Foreign Minister stressed that the European Union is in a kind of strange pendulum with great internal differences, it seems that the exit was the creation of a contact group, “where there are European and Latin American countries that will go to Montevideo this February 7, there, they will coincide with the other initiative, that of Uruguay, Mexico and Caricom”, said the FM, who also added that “hopefully Europe will not fall into the error of contaminating the original initiative to obtain a good combined results”.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela