Despite the imperialist aggression that looms over Venezuela, spokespersons and leaders of the world have shown their solidarity to the Venezuelan people, as well as supported the institutionality, democracy and the Bolivarian Revolution, said the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza.

During his speech at the International Stage We Are Venezuela for Democracy and Peace, which involved around 30 intellectuals from five continents, the Venezuelan diplomat said that the imperial attack against Venezuela is the product of a plan that has been brewing since the year 2018, after the denial of the national right to sign the agreement of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

“The coup plan had been activated since February 2018. But these scenarios had to occur in order to activate the interventionist plans”, said the Foreign Minister.

Faced with this aggression against the Homeland of Bolívar, Arreaza called on the people to be “increasingly firm, we can not allow capitalist symbols to propagate, promoting intervention in our country”, he said.

With regard to the position assumed by a group of the opposition leadership that is aligned with the imperial plan, the FM said that although they are supported by the US capitalist leadership led by Donald Trump, they do not have the people’s support.

“This opposition group will be very supported by the United States – which gives it a certain capacity for action – but they are out of the ranking (…) I hope the Venezuelan opposition rectifies”, he said.

Arreaza added that the National Government will continue executing its policy of dialogue as a method of the Bolivarian Revolution, which is why he insisted that “we do not have to be convinced of dialogue because we are dialogue”.

“They do not disturb us. Do not distract us because we know who is making the decisions, and our focus, our time and our efforts will be destined to prevent imperialism, that the government of Donald Trump, would break into the sacred soil of Venezuela”, said the Foreign Minister.

The vice president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Tania Diaz, who was also part of the panel of guests, stressed that the constituent is a powerful instrument that the commander Hugo Chávez delivered to the Venezuelan people “as a protective shield of the legal entity of the country”.

In this regard, Díaz considers that the Venezuelan opposition seeks to destroy the political institutions of the nation in order to execute its interventionist plan against the Homeland.

“They (the opposition) need to annihilate the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to carry out their interventionist plan so they do not want dialogue”, he said.

For his part, the also constituent and president of the Commission of International Relations of the ANC, Adán Chávez, thanked the support and solidarity of the peoples of the world towards Venezuela before the imperial onslaught of the United States and the European Union against the Caribbean nation, which in his opinion, has been brewing since February 4, 1992, when the commander Hugo Chávez began his transformative plan that affected the interests of capitalism.

“This attack is not coincidence, it comes from the 4F because the North American empire realized the leadership of Hugo Chávez and his reformist ideas. From then on, the plan against his ideals began because they opposed the interests of the empire”, he said.

Meanwhile, the economist Pascualina Curcio, explained to the international guests the components used by the US government to attack the national economy, one of them, the manipulation in 3.600 million percent of the national currency since 2013, year in which President Nicolás Maduro Moros takes office.

“The financial blockade, the embargo, programmed shortages, blocking transactions in gold and the massive attack on the national currency are some of the interventionist policies that the United States has implemented to attack the Venezuelan people”, she said.

Finally, the journalist and sociologist, Marco Teruggi, said that in Venezuela there are no conditions for a coup d’état because there is a leadership rooted in the Venezuelan people that will lead them to defend their ideals and sovereignty in the face of any interference.

At the same time, he warned that “there is an enemy -representing in the Venezuelan far right- that aims to reform society and subordinate it to the interests of US imperialism”.

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