The Workers’ Party in Cork have expressed serious concern at last night’s (Friday) major fire at a recycling centre near Glanmire which was attended by 11 units of Cork city and county fire brigade.

CouncillorTed Tynan said that there was a very real concern about the safety of recyclingcentres and accused the Environmental Protection Agency and local authoritiesof not doing enough to ensure that such units were made safe.

Cllr. Tynansaid: “Hardly a week goes by without a recycling centre fire in some part ofthe country. In the last twelve monthsthere have been numerous fires in such centres, including a massive outbreak atRathcoole in Co. Dublin last August. The problem is not just confined to Irelandand there were over 300 such fires in the UK last year with many more in the UnitedStates. Clearly more needs to be doneand unless recycling centres can be made safe then a question mark must remainover their future”.

The Workers’ Party councillor said that whilewaste recycling was an essential part of an urgent response to climate change, thesecentres must not themselves become part of the problem.

“All of thesefires have their own consequences for our environment, on flora and fauna andon ourselves. We cannot have a solutionwhich has the potential to release toxic fumes and dioxins into theatmosphere. It is vital that the EPA,local authorities and the government in conjunction with international expertslook at this problem and find solutions. In the meantime these centres should not be located close to urban areasand the strictest possible rules must be put in place to prevent fires and tocontain them if they do occur”, said Cllr. Tynan.


Worker’s Party