The recent threats of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, to take military actions against Venezuela, are samples of the desires of the political forces of North America in controlling the natural resources, specifically the Venezuelan oil, denounced on Tuesday the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

“The United States wants oil from Venezuela and is willing to go to war”, the president said in an interview with the US television network ABC News and aired on VTV.

The Head of State explained that the United States Government has created a series of false accusations about the reality of Venezuela allowing it to “justify a military intervention.”

“They go on building pretexts about Venezuela; humanitarian crises, violation of human rights, lack of democracy and then, comming with a suposed aid for the Venezuelan people, the Marines arrive with their bombs”, he warned, while reflecting on what happened in Iraq, country invaded by the USA after denouncing the existence, without evidence, of weapons of mass destruction. The accusation, after the American occupation, was denied.

He also alluded to the attempt of the opposition spokesmen to enter, last weekend, a supposed humanitarian aid from Colombia to Venezuela, sent by the US. He denounced that this delivery is a way to camouflage an action of interference.

“What the Donald Trump government is sending is neither aid, nor is it humanitarian, what they want is oil, the war for oil, what they want is our wealth may no one be fooled. Everything is a Hollywood show to cover a supposed humanitarian aid. The real intention is an escalation to control and dominate the country”, he said.

President Maduro stated that the warmongering stance of his US counterpart responds to the erroneous advice of extremist political actors such as John Bolton, the Security Council; Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State; Mike Pence, vice president of the United States and Elliot Abraham, special envoy of Trump for “affairs with Venezuela”.

“I think these people advice President Trump very badly about the issues of Venezuela, and I think that President Trump will at some point say loudly, let’s see what happens with Venezuela, and will change his policy”, he said, just as he called to the President of the USA to know the Venezuelan reality.

“I think that if President Donald Trump were to inform himself, he would delete those words from his speeches and I think he would open a new vision of Venezuela”, he said, referring to the persistent threats and political attacks that Trump often uses in his speeches.

He expressed his willingness to respect and talk and shake hands with Trump, a way to avoid conflict and reach agreements in favor of both peoples.

In the same way, he mentioned being prepared to talk again with the opposition and reach agreements such as advancing the legislative elections.

However, he ratified his position to defend the sovereignty of Venezuela. In addition of promoting the revolutionary process.

Maduro en entrevista a ABC News: EEUU quiere el petróleo de Venezuela y está dispuesto a ir a la guerra


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