Very high participation in the national strike of logistics promoted by USB against repression, dismissals and the system of procurement in the sector. Percentages ranging from 50 to 80 per cent of memberships have closed or greatly slowed down work in the warehouses of the main logistics hubs of Piacenza, Caserta, Fiano, Cremona, Lodi, Florence, etc..

During the event, which was attended by more than 700 workers and the families of the 33 porters, all adherents to USB, fired by SEAM, a labour brokerage company on behalf of GLS, a delegation met the Councillor of the Minister Di Maio Dr. Vanini.

The USB delegation strongly asked the Ministry to open a table that discusses the system of contracts and subcontracts, which determines in the sector real forms of slavery and total absence of rules and respect for contractual provisions and, above all, was requested an immediate intervention on dismissals at GLS and the climate of repression in TNT.

In the next few days the Ministry will convene the GLS on the dismissals already carried out and those planned and is willing to open a discussion with all companies commissioning the sector, TNT, Leroy Merlin, etc..

The USB delegation expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting.



World Federation of Trade Unions