Letter of solidarity with the Communist Party of Poland

Dear comrades,

Congratulationson your recent victory when the regional court in Dąbrowa Górnicza acquitted themembers of the editorial board of the Communist Party of Poland magazine “Brzask”and the website of the Communist Party of Poland of charges of “promoting a totalitariansystem”.

As wehave previously stated, this persecution was part of an anti-communist campaignlaunched by the state authorities and aimed to proscribe the Communist Party ofPoland. This is a deliberate and calculated offensive designed to outlaw theCommunist Party and obliterate the gains and achievements of socialism. Thisdisgraceful attack and crude anti-communistdistortion of history took place at a time of growingracism, xenophobia, attacks on migrant workers and refugees.

Whilethis is an important victory for the CPP, it is far fromthe end of the struggle.

TheWorkers Party of Ireland continues to stand in solidarity and friendship withthe Communist Party of Poland.

Gerry Grainger

International Secretary

WorkersParty of Ireland


Worker’s Party