wfdy 148The World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns the imperialist onslaught against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela led by the US government. The American government, along with others, has applied to the fatherland of Bolivar all methods of unconventional warfare with the clear intention to make the courageous Venezuelan people to surrender.

Once again the fabrication of pretexts is part of the great imperialist machinery. They have resorted to deception and slander when presenting a draft resolution in the United Nations Security Council which expresses serious concern about “the humanitarian and human rights situation …, Recent attempts to block the provision of humanitarian aid, the existence of millions of migrants and refugees … The excessive use of force against peaceful demonstrators, the situation of the rupture of peace and regional security ” in Venezuela and urges” to adopt the necessary measures. “It shows us openly that the United States is preparing a military intervention.

WFDY reiterates its firm solidarity with the revolutionary youth, with the Venezuelan people and with the Constitutional President Nicolás Maduro Moros; and calls on all the youth of the world to defend the peace and to oppose a new imperialist military intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean.

All united against the war!

Budapest, February 20, 2019

Source: WFDY via Facebook / RedGlobe