An 18-year-old Palestinian search-and-rescue service volunteer died from wounds on Wednesday morning, March 27, after being shot a few hours earlier with live ammunition fired by Israeli military forces that entered a refugee camp in the occupied West Bank.

According to the Communist daily newspaper Al Ittihad, Sajed Abed al-Hakim Mizher died on Wednesday morning from wounds he sustained during predawn clashes with Israeli forces in the Dheisheh refugee camp in the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem. Palestinian medical sources confirmed the death of the young paramedic volunteer who was wearing his reflective vest when he was mortally shot.

Al Ittihad reported that clashes erupted between Palestinian youths and Israeli forces that raided the refugee camp, during which soldiers fired live ammunition, tear-gas projectiles and stun grenades.

Medical sources at the Palestinian Red Crescent in Bethlehem confirmed that four additional Palestinian youths were wounded by live fire during the raid, including a minor who was shot in the abdomen and was transferred directly to a hospital for treatment. The three other wounded youths were injured respectively in the shoulder, thigh and arm.

Witnesses said that Israeli soldiers conducted a predawn raid in the streets and alleyways of the refugee camp and went up to rooftops of houses. Israeli forces also detained three other Palestinians identified as Muhammad Rizq Hammash, 21, Mahmoud Walid Lahham, and Maali Issa Maali, 27.


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