A link between Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s family and the Marielle Franco murder case appeared Tuesday afternoon as details emerged that one of Bolsonaro’s sons fell in love with the daughter of Ronnie Lessa, who is one of the two former policemen accused of killing the leftist councilwoman and human rights activist on March 14, 2018, as reported by the local media Brasil 247.

This fact came to light during a court appearance at the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police headquarters, where homicide detective Giniton Lages confirmed that Carlos Bolsonaro, who is Jair’s second son and a Social Christian Party politician, once dated the suspect’s daughter.

Initially, Lages said that although Lessa lived in the same condominium as Bolsonaro, the former policeman had no relationship with the current Brazilian president or with anyone in his family. However, a reporter then asked Lages if Bolsonaro’s son had dated Lessa’s daughter.

Although the Brazilian detective replied ‘yes’, he quickly said that such information would not be relevant to the ongoing investigation at this time. “That is irrelevant,” he said and immediately added that “it has no relevance in the investigation.”

During the hearing, Detective Lages said Civil Police is considering the possibility of a “hate crime”, which means that Lessa would be a person who hates left-wing politicians.

“This is a hard-to-swallow version. [Marielle Franco murder] was a highly sophisticated crime,” Joaquim de Carvalho, a Diario do Centro do Mundo journalist, commented and explained that “after the crime, there was an attempt to kill Ronnie Lessa.”

Responding to the news, President Bolsonaro denied knowing Elcio Vieira de Queiroz, the former military police who appears in a photo hugging him and is now being accused of driving the car from which the leftist human defender was shot to death.

“I have photos with thousands of civilian and military police officers, with thousands, from all over Brazil,” President Bolsonaro said trying to justify his photo with the suspect.


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