The Parliament of Catalonia, in its Committee on Foreign Affairs, approved on Thursday a motion in favor of peace and dialogue in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in which it is denounced how the recent attacks on the sovereignty of the Caribbean country respond exclusively to “economic interests foreign to the Venezuelan people”.

The motion was presented by the parties Candidature of Popular Unity (CUP), Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), Catalonia in Comú Podem (Catecp) and Junts per Catalunya (Jxcat).

The Parliament of Catalonia catalogs, according to the text, the recent attacks on Venezuela as “a political operation that does not respect Venezuelan sovereignty and that has to do with the control of the management of its resources”, particularly oil.

It also denounces “the imposition of economic interests alien to the people of Venezuela, which draws scenarios of Cold War” and responds “solely and exclusively to the interests of large multinational companies, without taking into account the needs, rights and freedoms of the peoples”.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Catalan Parliament identifies “the dialogue, elections, negotiation, defense of the civil and political rights of citizens, and respect for national sovereignty”, the only possible solutions to the current political situation in Venezuela.

The motion of the Parliament of Catalonia joins the one already approved – at the municipal level – by the full municipality of the Sant Boi de Llobregat, in the province of Barcelona, ​​on 22 February. In that case, a text in favor of the dialogue and sovereignty of Venezuela was approved, without any vote against, and in rejection of the economic blockade and foreign military intervention against the country.

Venezuela currently faces a complex political situation since the past January 23, the opposition deputy Juan Guaidó self-proclaimed “interim president” of the country ignoring the vote of the more than 6 million Venezuelans who on May 20, 2018 re-elected Nicolás Maduro as president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Since then, the United States and the European Union have further deepened their economic and financial blockade against Caracas, and Washington has threatened military intervention to provoke a change of government in the country.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela