This Friday, the People’s Power Minister for Health, Carlos Alvarado, along with the Sectoral Vice President of Economy, Tareck El Aissami, received the first shipment of medical supplies and medicines, from the People’s Republic of China.

The information was made known by Minister Alvarado through his Twitter account, @ AlvaradoC_MPPS, where he emphasized the struggle for the expiration of the siege imposed by US imperialism against our country, “today we receive the 1st shipment of medicines and supplies, doctors from the sister People’s Republic of China, thanks to the cooperation ties maintained by our President. @NicolasMaduro”.

This information was also detailed through two publications in the Twitter account of the People’s Power Ministry for Health, @MPPSalud, which states that “these medical supplies will be distributed nationwide to continue strengthening the National Public Health System of the country”.

For his part, the vice president of Economy, Tareck El Aissami, said that an airlift will be activated so that all medicines reach the Venezuelan ports and airports.

“There will be no imperialism or any power that prevents our people from obtaining their medicines, their food and everything necessary”, he said.

In the same way, El Aissami pointed out that this is the first cargo of many more to guarantee necessary medical supplies, such as surgical material and medicines for the Homeland.

“This first batch is 65 tons of medical supplies, as part of the cooperation that Venezuela has with China. Here are antibiotics for the entire ambulatory network, medications for diabetics and surgical medical equipment. From today we will be permanently receiving medical supplies for all Venezuelans”, he said.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela