Building upon our commitment to anticapitalist struggle, the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles has noted and denounced the necessary complicity of patriarchy in the reproduction and perpetuation of the exploitation of the working class, based in the submission and double exploitation of women and individuals sexual identities other than that of the heterosexual male. When we speak of women in the plural we refer to all of them, to girls, adults, and the elderly, to lesbians, trans, bisexuals and cis, to mothers, to wage earners, to female workers, to the unemployed, to dependents, to the functionally diverse, to the ones killed, to all.

Violence against women is one of the most extreme expressions of sexism. Every year millions of women around the world are deprived of their dignity, violated, abused and killed by their partners, ex-partners or other men who think of them as their possessions. Statistics should not make us assume that this is normal. We have had enough of macho terrorism. Not even one more! We want us alive!

From our subversive project in the economic, we stand in the front line in the struggles against far-right governments, who are adding pressure on women and attacking our rights. We believe that life, the sustainability of all lives, must be at the core of our labour and social struggles, all lives deserve to be sustained and taken care of. We believe that care work is a job that must be as positively valued and paid as any other job and that, the fact that the weight of such work has been placed upon the shoulders of women, who have performed it for free in the private sphere, makes us ill and places us in a situation of double exploitation and vulnerability.

We stand for equal pay, equal pensions, equal rights and the shared responsibility of care work.

We also demand that education ceases to be sexist, that women are no longer invisbilized in History, Science and the Arts. Kick out sexism from our schools!

Since the proposal for an International Women´s Strike in 2017, this was called in order to demonstrate that when women stop the world stops, the Feminism Movement has forged durable alliances against patriarchal ideas, gender inequality and capitalism. For this reason this year the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles once again joins this action and calls for an International Strike on 8th March 2019.

We fight for equality against the sexism and its violences,

self-defense now and forever!

On 8th March 2019, general strike.


CGT – Confederal