Trade Union Association of Bohemia, Moravia & Silesia (OSČMS), the WFTU’s member organization, commemorates the imperialist aggression against Yugoslavia’s 20th anniversary. Being faithful towards its both class and anti-imperialist orientation, the OSČMS commemorates this NATO’s criminal act also within the context with the regime’s celebration of our joining to the NATO, a militant union of capitalist countries under US leadership.

The aggression itself had started in March 24, 1999, in 19:45 o’clock. Launched by warships on the Adriatic Sea, the first missiles hit Belgrade, the Kosovo territory, the Montenegro territory, and Western Serbia.

About 2,300 air strikes by 1,130 war aeroplanes were made during eleven weeks. The bomber jets dropped about 420,000 missiles and bombs, while 1,300 Cruise missiles were launched from the warships on the Adriatic Sea. The NATO used, too, 37,000 cluster bombs, causing most of deaths amongst the civilians, and similarly did the missiles with the deleted uranium. 14 areas to be stricken by these missiles were identified and cleaned by the Belgrade’s Nuclear Energy Institute only in Serbia – except the territory of Kosovo. The infrastructure all over the country was very badly damaged.

There were 2,500 victims of the imperialist aggression against Yugoslavia.

In the occasion of this anniversary, we point out to the continuous violation of international law by both the NATO and the USA especially as well as to the imperialist aggression to continue and to our national shame given by our NATO membership and by the agreement with the NATO crimes.

The OSČMS, March 28, 2019


World Federation of Trade Unions