Statement from London District Committee Communist Party of Britain

London District Communist Party has called for former Labour MPs who have resigned to join the so called Independent Group to resign their seats and stand in a by-election. Noting that three of the MPs Joan Ryan, Chuka Ummuna, and Mike Gapes represent London constituencies Steve Johnson Secretary of London CPB pointed out that all were elected on a left-wing anti-austerity Labour manifesto which included a commitment to accept the EU referendum result.

The voters in their constituencies have a right to be represented by someone committed to the manifesto they voted for. It is clear however that this so called initiative to create a centre ground is nothing more than an attempt to recreate New Labour with support for the politics of austerity, privatisation and imperialist wars of intervention.

Recognising the neo-liberal nature of the EU London Communists urged support for a series of public meetings calling for a People’s Brexit including one in London on Monday 4th March 7pm at the Marx Memorial Library.


Communist Party of Britain

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