The nationwide call for boycotting the institutions of the regime and its cronies is an important step on the path of peaceful struggle and we call upon all Sudanese to make it a real success, through effective mass participation and spreading the word through all possible media channels.

The essential goal of the people’s economic boycott, as an effective peaceful instrument of struggle, is to drain the regime’s resources, without being exposed to the physical brutality upon protesters during rallies. It is crucially based on peaceful and collective social disapproval and voluntary abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with a certain company or state’s products or engaging in any economic relationship with such institutions. And have declared goals in advance to pressure them or force them to respond to those demands and change their positions or policies rejected. It is an act with clearly defined objectives, declared in advance, against a company or the state in order to put pressure or force it respond to identified demands or change its unacceptable positions or policies.

The Popular economic boycott has been quite successful throughout history in different parts of the world and across historic ages, as exemplified in the following events from modern history:

  • The popular boycott campaign against all textile products manufactured by the British colonialists and to be marketed in India. This campaign was initiated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920, a famous campaign which he launched by his famous statement to the Indian people: “Hold your spindle and follow me”. This campaign had proved to be an important event that triggered the Indian people’s struggle against the British colonialists and eventually leading to independence.
  • The popular boycott of public transport in Montgomery city in the American state of Alabama during 1955 against racially discriminating law that prohibits black people from sharing transport vehicles the whites. The call for the campaign was initiated by the leaders of the civil rights movement in the United States of America led by Martin Luther king. This campaign had eventually led to the abolition of that iniquitous law by a verdict from an American court.
  • The Moroccan people’s boycott in 2018 against some products produced by big monopolies, which resulted in significant loss of profits and forced those companies to submit to the demands of people by reducing the prices of their products.

The masses of our steadfast people

The success of this boycott campaign depends on the extensive participation of all masses and their belief in its viability, whereas the role of the individual does not stop at his/her involvement but also involves inviting others to join in the campaign by using all possible means to add to its strength and effectiveness in order to achieve its declared objectives.

The targeted outcomes of this popular economic boycott of the regime and its cronies if effectively and widely implemented are expected to include the following:

  • Expose individuals as well as financial and commercial institutions belonging which are run by the regime and the ones which support the corrupt regime.
  • Diminish the role of individuals and institutions that support the regime by inflicting successive financial hardships upon them.
  • Drain the regime’s local financial sources on which it depends on financing the process of suppressing people.
  • Deplete profit-making companies and institutions that belong to the regime, which were usurped through corrupt procedures of privatization of major public sector institutions; sold to its loyal adherents. These companies and institutions, which have turned into gigantic monopolies protected by the regime, are unprecedentedly profitable at the expense of our people’s falling living standards.
  • push the repressive regime into a deficit budgeting to deprive it from financing purchasing of oppression weapons used for killing, torture and violation, as well as paying for the expenses of the security apparatus, its militias and hired shadow militias.

SPA Media Group

24th of March 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association