Venezuela declared German ambassador in Caracas Daniel Kriener persona non grata Wednesday after “recurrent acts of meddling in internal affairs”, read an official statement from the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs adding that the diplomat has 48 hours to leave the country.

Kriener is one of the few European representatives that were present on March 4 in Maiquetia Airport to receive Juan Guaido, an opposition lawmaker who declared himself ‘interim president’ of Venezuela on Jan. 23 in violation of the country’s constitution, back to Venezuela after a tour to several regional countries that are members of the so-called right-wing ‘Lima Group.’

After that, and according to EuroPress, Kreiner met with Guiado this Tuesday in the residence of Spanish Ambassador in Caracas, Jesus Silva, where diplomats from France, Portugal, Romania, The Netherlands, United States, Canada and Chile were also present.

“The activities that Mr. Kriener has undertaken, not only contravene essential norms that rule diplomatic relations but even contradict the clear criteria expressed by the German Federal Parliament’s judiciary service, which established that the position of the German government constitutes a hostile and unfriendly act of “illicit meddling” in internal affairs”, says the official statement tweeted by Jorge Arreaza, Minister of Foreign Relations of Venezuela.

The German Foreign Office or its embassy in Venezuela have not issued any statements or response to this occurrence. However, the expulsion of a diplomat is protected by international law and in itself does not mean a rupture in diplomatic relations, which the Venezuelan government has reiterated that wishes to continue and strengthen.


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